34 years ago, the kingdom of Khel was lost to the world overnight.  Scouts sent south from Brevoy found that impassable battling masses of hideous tentacles and writhing vines blocked all passage through its fledgling neighbour's northern border.  Mages who attempted to teleport into Khel were never heard from again, and even divinations came up empty-handed.

Only one member of Khel's high council survived – Oleg Leveton.  He used all his remaining influence and resources to set up an independent militia to keep cruel faeries, murderous undead, and sanity-shredding aliens from issuing forth from the fallen kingdom.  Grief for his lost family drove him to drink, and he passed away a scant few months after founding Oleg's Irregulars.

More than three decades after the death of the nation, something has finally changed.  The barriers of plants and tentacles have stopped fighting each other and passage through is now possible.  The Irregulars have recently seen an influx of new members with a variety of objectives.  Some people want to try to push back the boundaries, others want to find out what happened to Khel, others want to rob the dead country in its grave.  

Oleg's Irregulars – a militia based out of Oleg & Svetlana's general store in the ruins of Thornton's Charge.

Quartermaster – log of significant equipment added to the Irregulars' armory.

House Rules & Character Creation

Campaign Traits – each PC has one trait from this list, tied to their reason for being a member of Oleg's Irregulars.

Perks – story rewards awarded by DMs that persist between sessions.

Wild Magic Zones – common in the fallen kingdom of Khel, and there are a variety of types of zones depending on which faction brought them about.

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